Vincent 1000 White Shadow 1ère main (historique limpide), à vendre chez Legend Motors Lille.

Vincent 1000 White Shadow 1ère main (historique limpide)

Ex-fondateur du club Vincent de Suède, une machine bien connue en Europe du Nord pour avoir parcouru de nombreux milliers de kilomètres à travers… La Suède justement, mais aussi la Finlande, la Norvège, l’Angleterre et la France.
Guidon confort, clignotants embouts de guidon, démarreur électrique, béquille arrière modifiée, moteur et partie cycle entièrement révisés.
Historique limpide, dossier complet, machine en ordre.

It’s very well documented Vincent 1000 cc twin in good mechanical condition capable to be used. It is not a “matching numbers bike” in an overly chromed and polished condition, “concours condition”, shining more than they ever did. However, it is a motorcycle in very good condition, built up of Sweden’s two leading Vincent experts and modified to make it a reliable, comfortable and fast long-distance touring bike capable of joining modern bikes.

As the builder and only owner wrote a detailed logbook of all actions, problems, and travels by this bike there is plenty of information to share. His name is Soren Skoog of Jonkoping, who died in oktober last year. He was the founder of the Scandinavian Vincent Club and was for many years editor of the club magazine. For 40 years he imported in his company Skoogs MC-Delar spare parts for Vincent. To assist with the building, as well as traveling companion on many journeys, he was togehter with his good friend Sivert Bomberg, one of Sweden’s most experienced Vincent restorators.

Front Frame Member comes from a Vincent Series C Rapide 1000 cc of 1952 and was purchased from Laggan’s Motor in Lerum 1969-08-16. The motorcycle is registered as a 1000 Vincent Rapide 1951. According the front frame number correct model year should be 1952. The original Rapide was imported to Sweden by the importer, Motor Company Malte Blohm in Gothenburg and was delivered April 22, 1952 to a customer in Örebro County with T 12152. Between 1953 and 1963, five different owners in the Karlstad area owned it and it had S 1326. In 1964 it came to Laggan’s Motor in Lerum and was scrapped.

The most characteristic difference between Series C and Series B was the new Girdraulic forged aluminum front fork.

The engine is a Vincent Series D Black Shadow from 1955. This was the last year of Vincent production and most of the models were now almost totally enclosed in plastic panels. Black Shadow was technically quite similar to Rapide, but was tuned another 10 hp and was more carefully built (the parts with the best fit was reserved for Black Shadow). The main difference between the Series C and Series D engines was that the magnet now was replaced by battery ignition with ignition coils. Typically, these Black Shadow engines were painted black, but not this. Although a very small number (only 15 ) Vincent “White Shadow” was built with unpainted engines in Black Shadow specs, this is not the reason why this engine is blank. This engine was specially commissioned as a loose engine to be built into a sidecar racing bike. It was imported by a Swedish air force pilot, but he crashed with his SAAB A32 Lansen jet before he could build his sidecar racing bike. Soren Skoog bought 1978-12-30 the then still unused engine from the pilot’s heir. As the engine was not designed to be mounted in a standard frame it had the shorter cylinder head bolts. These were exchanged for the standard to allow for bolting the brackets between the cylinder head and frame.

Since the builder had a whole store full of Vincent parts and solid experience, he could choose the components that he knew worked best. This is why it is not built strictly as an original Black Shadow. Everything has been modified to produce a capable touring bike. What differs from the original are:

12 volts electrical system with Italian Marelli alternator (purchased from Fritz Egli). An electric starter is hidden on the underside of the engine. The kickstarter remains as reserve. 7″ headlamp with H4 halogen bulb. Modern high power ignition coil.

Carburetors are modified with float bowl extensions and K&N air filter. Also the manifolds are modified.

The multi-plate clutch is specially built of parts from Vincent and Triumph.

The wheels are built with rims from the Touring-version, that are 1″ less than normal, 19″ front and 18″ rear. This was done to make it easier to find good tires for the machine.

Front fork has been improved with some stainless steel parts and nylon / graphite coated bushings. Slightly softer springs in the fork.

The speedometer is the type Black Shadow 5″ Smiths who was reset to zero to match the new engine’s mileage. During a trip to Norway the speedometer wire was broken, so the odometer today reads about. 2000 km (1250 miles) less than actual distance . Graded in km/h.

Additional equipment consists of side bags, top box, windshield, clock, turn signals, mirrors and a crash bar with position light.

1980-04-21 the bike had resurfaced in this new guise, and was without remarks inspected at the local MOT station.

The rear stand is modified to make it possible to take help of a feet to take the heavy bike up on the stand.Facts about this bike
ChassisSeries C Rapide 1951
Front frame no RC-10673
Rear frame no RC-18886
EngineSeries D Shadow 1955 Engine no.F10AB/2B/ 305 (Sweden)

We had some idea of writing about Vincent’s fantastic history and all speed records, but this has already been done by so many and we don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” once more. You can use the links below for more such information.The odometer reads some 2000 km less than actual distance as the wire was broken during a trip to Norway. This means that the engine is 32739 km (20410 miles) from new.The brake drums of Shadow were recognized by the fins, which made them stronger than the flat drums of the Rapide.In order to bring it more in original condition we have dismounted some of the touring equipment. However, all these parts will accompany the bike for anyone who might prefere comfort better than the “right” look. Flashers, electric starter, rear view mirrors, crashbar, clock, and the rebuilt rear stand is still there.As it has been built, driwen and maintained by a professional Vincent expert, it is still in very good condition. It has logged several long trips, often to Norway and various Vincent-meets with proven reliability and is one of Sweden’s most wellknown interesting Vincent !

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